Future Projects

Gaming Computer

Webpage from Scratch

One thing I quickly realized while making this webpage is that using themes and templates on WordPress leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe there are functionalities I don’t know about yet, but it is difficult to get things to look exactly how I want. This project will use CSS and HTML (and other things I probably don’t know about yet) to create a webpage template to become what I use for this website.

Blender Physics Models

Blender Machines

This project will be to learn more about blender and hone my modeling programming by creating simple machines in blender. I have recently started reading a book on mechanical movements. That along with my fascination with mechanically run watches gave me the idea of creating machines made up of moving parts that interact with each other in Blender.

Galaxy Model

Game Using Unreal Engine

While going down some rabbit holes when researching Blender, I found out the Epic’s Unreal Engine is actually free! Of course, if you make a game that makes money, Epic gets a (surprisingly reasonable) cut. This is a platform that is used in many open-world games to create all of the objects in that world. Using free tools, I want to develop a simple game that uses this framework.

Genealogy Wiki

One of the reasons why I wanted to set up a an actual webserver rather than just a simple webpage hosted on WordPress was so I could create a genealogical wiki. To start, this will be getting the construction and code down; later, I want to be able to have code that takes a Gedcom file (the file format that Ancestry.com exports genealogical data out in) and automatically generates the wiki, hyperlinks, family pages, individual pages, etc. from the data.

Raspberry Pi Robot